Pie. Though currently trendy, it has long been one of our country’s most iconic foods. And with good reason, as pie is a democratic dessert, historically made by home bakers from old family recipes or new-fangled favorites, using whatever’s fresh and available, tying us to place, land, and our own homes. Pie is for sharing recipes and slices with friends, family, and strangers alike.

It is these stories, traditional recipes, regional variants, and historical and cultural contexts that Emily Hilliard writes about on her pie blog, Nothing-in-the-House, now in it’s 8th year. Based on recipes and stories from Nothing-in-the-House, PIE. A Hand Drawn Almanac, is a full-color, fully-illustrated book by Emily and illustrator Elizabeth Graeber. About Elizabeth’s work, Emily said, “Her food illustrations have such a whimsical, handmade element. They are fun, not stuffy, and also tell a story, which is what I try to do in my baking and writing.”

From January’s Dark Chocolate and Vanilla-Bourbon Caramel Pie, Berry Tarts in July, to December’s Speculoos Pie, each recipe is accompanied by stories and delightful drawings that celebrate that homespun, handmade history of the classic dessert and provide a year’s worth of pie making inspiration.

6" by 6", 40 pages

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